A Roma circa un mese fa dopo aver partecipato al festival del giornalismo a Perugia, il reporter di guerra iraqeno di al-jazeera Laith Mushtaq, mi invia questa testimonianza. Che pubblico.

Face to face … With the enemy
The longest 4 minutes I passed in my life…
Time…it was 2 pm…place on a main subway train station in Termini, Rome…it was very busy and crowded with people…I was standing at the door of the train because of the hustle…after two stops…entered the train another human wave…I was not paying attention to anything because I was thinking about the outcome of Perugia conference…Someone cutoff all my thinking when he became near to my arms and adjacent to me… with the fast movement of the train our arms intertwined and we were trying to hold tightly in order not to fall over …. I heard a swear word in Arabic language and that caught my attention…
I turned…he said “Hello”
I said…”welcome”
He said: Arab?
I said yes from Iraq…
He said: Iraqi !!!! He looked at me from the top of my head to my feet…then he said: no you joking you are not Iraqi and even not Arab.
I said: if you want I can show you my passport?
Then I asked him and where are you from?
He named one of the Arab states as a matter of joke…but his accent was not Arabic, despite his tone which was similar to our beloved Palestinian people…
I said: I was frankly…but our noses almost collide because of the hustle..
He replied me in one sentence…I am from the land of God’s
Then I understood why he has been frightened from me and he concealment his nationality…he was an Israeli…
He turned to a blond lady she was next to him and muttered words…I heard the sound of “Sj” and “ch” in his speech.
Then both of us were kept in silence but our eyes did not diverge for a moment…I started reading a history book when I was looking at his face…between his eyebrows…I glimpsed a coup against Sultan abdul Hamid II…at the hands of the Zionist Kara Su…on his right cheek I looked carefully to see a hinted woman from Deir yassin, she has been killed and her house demolished to build a settlement between its walls, gathering than crowding history and began East and West to pose the state built with the blood and uprising the rights of others…
On his left cheek there was a sign of an old wound…perhaps it was one of the victims of Sabra and Shatila scratched his face and he died under the fire from soldiers’ of God’s chosen people.
On his neck I saw Zionism aircrafts when they attacked Baghdad in 1981 to damage the Tamuz reactor..
On his forehead…I saw the photographs of one of the Gaza’s child..who lost his sight to give insight much more than the tables of Arabic politicians are giving..
I heard the voice of Baghdad bombing…Abeer Al-Janabi an innocent child from Iraq has been raped off…to seek help from the pen of Ghassan kanafani…to open the siege on the people of Egypt, which is trapped wall of Gaza…a Palestinian girl who is crawling because she lost her legs during the Zionism bomb..But today she is faster…She creeps up on an Iraqi girl killed by a rocket to take her head, looking to the Taurus Mountains of Turkey at the periods will be this time…
Sounds and images..Blood and destruction…The map of the country promised by some Arabs in 1905, before the promise of Balfour…To be against the side of humanity…
Finally, after four minutes he arrived the station that he wants…he walked half a step and turned to me…He said: Nice opportunity to meet you…Without looking at my eyes…
I said with myself: yes…I am happy as you gave me the opportunatity to review the history of their crimes…that may be omitted by the throngs of people in the train…or in the trains…one of them called the “Train of Peace”.

Laith Mushtaq


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